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king oyster mycelium time lapse trial

I know I really should have waiting after finish shooting for the whole week before making this video, but after testing the new video software I cant resist posting it! I’ll update about this time lapse project again when it’s all done!


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King Oyster mycelium

king oyster mycelium day 6 s


today is the 6th day after I cut out parts of the mushroom that has mycelium growing and putting it into sterile moist coffee grounds and some sterile moist hay. I store it in a air tight tupper ware and it spend its 1st 4 days in the chiller and I decided the take it out so it will germinate faster, immediately the next day there’s already mycelium growing over every piece of cuttings. I’ll wait for it to invade almost the whole box before burping it to reduce the risk of contamination. it’s really my first attempt experimenting with fungi, I’ll keep up with the observation and updates 🙂