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Pepper plant

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Look at how much bigger they’ve grown! Am really looking forward to them flowering!


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More house plants!



I started planting rosemary from some trimmings I bought from cold storage but after planting it in the potting mix I forgot to water it, if it continue to look like this I’m going to have to name it droopy. Heh!

Have also started using the Hydro kit to plant some chili seeds and brew compost tea at the same time. I guess the lady bell and the mustard really liked it! Look at how they have grown! 😀 a friend of mine name the pepper plant ‘Hulk’.


Tales to Astonish #60 (Oct. 1964). Cover art b...

Tales to Astonish #60 (Oct. 1964). Cover art by Jack Kirby and Sol Brodsky. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)