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Mustard and pepper plant update




Look how big they’ve grown! I’ve started to use the compost that just got mature and they are working oh so well, nothing beats treating your soil well and giving your plants what they deserve.


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Self watering irrigation

Today is my first day trying out this thing I saw on YouTube. I DIY this by cutting a small hole on the bottle cap, fill the bottle with water and some homemade liquid fertilizer and stick in I to the soil near my plants.

I will have to go away soon for about 2 weeks and this is my only worry, if it work then my problem is solved.

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mites attacking fruit fly maggots in compost pile

Have a problem about composting.
I’ve recently setted up a compost bin using a flower pot, I have a lid on it and will open it to toss the compost every other day. recently I found maggots in my compost and I realise my compost is too wet and too much nitrogen. I’ve added more brown materials to soak up the moisture and balance the nitrogen, I also understand that I can just wait for the maggots to mature and fly away which is what I plan on doing. But now I have a ┬ánew problem, mites are found in my compost pile. The maggots are wiggling their way up the compost pile onto the lids and the mites are attacking them there. I was just wondering what could be the possible factors attracting mites and if they will cause any harm if the compost is used for my plants with all the mites in them. does anybody know how they can be gotten rid of?

compost maggots mites s






Make shift green house

make shift green house s

This is the make shift green house I’ve been working on yesterday. The climate here is mostly hot and humid all year round, but these few weeks it’s been rainy and temperature is inconsistent. I’m using a recycled plastic mesh and also some painter’s plastic now and when the plants grow bigger I’m going to need to build a taller frame.

oh and that cup you see on the left is a fruit fly booby trap, I’ll elaborate more about it next time.