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Plant shift

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the weather has been a little unstable these few days and i figured i should build a green house to fend them from heavy rain, strong wind and sudden drop of temperature. After fixing up the mesh, I find one of the pepper plant too close to the edge of the pot. While shifting the plant, I think the roots got shocked and now they are looking droopy.

13-05-13 part 1 s

There’s not much difference in the 4 pictures on top, they are taken with 2 different angles and about 2 hours apart.  I think they look worse in the 2nd set, probably also because the sun is scorching hot and they are starting to curl and droop more. I’ll continue to check on it and take more pics a later. – (2.49pm)

It’s 7.30pm now, and the plant manage to survive sun bathing, it look better now that the sun has gone down. It’s a good thing that there’s a sign of recovery from the leaves, it means the plant still has its immune system and its still alive. That’s the most important.

I’ll check on the plant tomorrow morning to see if it’s still struggling and will keep you guys updated. 🙂

13-05-13 part 2 s


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